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Published on Oct 15, 2013 by Million People March
Lidy Nacpil’s Speech on Pork — Pork Barrel & Public Finance — at the October 4, 2012 Million People March @ Ayala organized by the #ScrapPork Network and its allies. You can view the PowerPoint Presentation accompanying her speech at http://www.scribd.com/doc/174071233/P… .

About the speaker:
Lidy Nacpil
Vice-President, Freedom From Debt Coalition

#ScrapPork Network Official Web Site: http://scrapporknetwork.com/
#ScrapPork Network Unity Statement: http://scrapporknetwork.com/scrappork…
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ScrapPork
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Scrap_Pork
Forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Milli…
E-mail: ScrapPork@gmail.com

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Human Rights Online Philippines

Pinepetisyon si PhilHealth President & CEO Alex Padilla
PHILHEALTH: Itigil ang napipintong dagdag bayad sa premium mula P1,200 na magiging P2,400 simula sa Enero 2014

Petisyon ni lee canete sa change.org

Sa darating na Enero 2014 ay sisimulan na ng PHILIPPINE HEALTH INSURANCE CORPORATION na gawing P2,400 ang babayaran kada taon ng bawat OFW na member ng Philhealth. Doble ito ng binabayaran ngayon na P1,200.

Ito’y hindi makatarungan. Karamihan sa aming mga OFW ay hindi nakakagamit ng benepisyong dapat na ibigay ng Philhealth.


Karamihan sa mga OFW ay mga wala pang asawa at ang kanilang mga magulang ay hindi pa umaabot sa edad na 60 na syang batayan ng Philhealth upang ang magulang ng isang miyembro ay makagamit ng mga benepisyong pang medikal ng Philhealth.

Kailangan ding ayusin ng Philhealth ang mga patakarang kanilang pinatutupad bago makakuha ng benepisyo ang isang miembro ng Philhealth.

Maraming miyembro ang hindi makagamit ng benepisyo…

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Half Empty Half Full. I spent hours of thinking and figuring out the name of my blog. I visited blog name generators, read some suggestions on how to create a good name for my weblog but nothing seemed to interest me and I just ended up closing my web browser. Frustration and anxiety enveloped the entire place. Suddenly, my attention shifted to the glass of water in front of my desktop.

I then remembered my former fieldwork adviser back in college who told me about the half empty half full idiom – it’s a story of differing views, opposing ideals and and clashing beliefs. Others would never even say that the glass is neither half empty nor half full – they just say that the glass contains a certain amount of liquid and that makes them “realists.” Some people argue that a glass is always and will be full of something be it half liquid and half gas (oxygen or carbon dioxide), or all liquid or all gas. Nevertheless, there are indeed a lot of ways to interpret this idiom and a lot of arguments to be proven – and that led me to name my blog as such.

Half Empty Half Full. This blog will contain stories, articles, poems, and notes about human rights, sports, movies, TV, electronic gadgets and pets as these are things that are close to my heart. I may not be able to update this religiously but I will make time to write as often as I could.

Half Empty Half Full. Optimism or Pessimism? I’ve always believed to look at the brighter side of life and find kindness among others. But as our old folks say, with all their wisdom and experience, “Bata pa kayo!” “Pag tanda ninyo, magbabago rin ang mga pananaw ninyo!” And on this note, let me end this entry with a poll. 

P.S. I am still working my way around WordPress so please bear with me. 🙂

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