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Fall in love with an activist because…



You could have the worst hair day of your life, he wouldn’t care…with his way of life, he’s had worse.


You won’t need to take her to a fancy restaurant, fine dining was never her thing…she would rather eat ¬†with her hands in the company of farmers.


You could shout at him all you want, he would just smile…he does it everyday..to assert for your rights.


She doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor. After all, she does understand class struggle.


You can be frank about him, in fact, he would like that very much.

Criticism and self-criticism are second nature to him. He always wants to improve himself.


She isn’t afraid to make the first move. Don’t worry she’s no bimbo.

It’s just that she believes in the equality of sexes. And she’s knows that women hold half the sky.


When you have a fight, it’s never all your fault. He knows that partly, he was to blame. Because he is a dialectical materialist.


She’s never boring. As long as social injustice and inequality exists, you won’t run out of things to talk about.


She’s very good at sharing her life with someone. Maybe it has something to do with their practice of collective living.


Being articulate is a skill he has come to master. And he will have no trouble telling you how much he loves you.




P.S. There’s a catch. You should know that you’re not the only person who owns his heart. You share it with the poor, the sick, the hungry, and the opressed.


P.P.S. By the time you fall for an activist, give it a week or so, you’ll be an activist yourself. Because if you love and understand her, you would know it’s the right thing to do.




Kudos to all fathers out there. Your children look up to you. You taught them how to live life, taught them how to love and taught them how to overcome challenges along their way. You’re one of the very reasons why families stay strong and healthy.

top 5 cartoon dads I'm paying a late homage to Father's Day by listing here the top 5 animated dads of all time. Now, there were a lot of other contestants like Papa Smurf, Fred Flinstone and even Bible-thumping Ned Flanders who were considered but just didn't make the cut. But better to be on this boat than the other one – WORST DADS IN ALL OF HISTORY AND FILM! Sorry Jack Torrance, Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Agamemnon, Victor Frankenstein and the Biblical Abraham … Read More

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