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New research suggests the Internet is changing our memory. Researchers from Colombia University presented people with different questions and found many began to think of computers. Lead researcher Dr Betsy Sparrow said that when test participants knew the answers would be available on a computer, they did less well on the memory tests. She said we use the Internet as a new “transactive memory”. We rely on this to do the remembering for us. It’s similar to our personal data being backed up on a hard disk. The Internet acts as a huge storage device for all the world’s knowledge, that is there when we need it. Dr Sparrow said computers were not making us less intelligent. “I don’t think Google is making us stupid. We’re just changing the way that we’re remembering things,” she said.


Dr Sparrow believes we are becoming very good at remembering where we keep information in different folders on our computers. She said: “This suggests that for the things we can find online, we tend to keep it online as far as memory is concerned – we keep it externally stored.” She explained that because we are remembering the location of the information, rather than the information itself, we are becoming better at organising huge quantities of data and facts in a more accessible way. She also said the way we use technology is changing our need to remember things, saying: “If you can find stuff online even while you’re walking down the street these days, then the skill to have, the thing to remember, is where to go to find the information.”



Kudos to all fathers out there. Your children look up to you. You taught them how to live life, taught them how to love and taught them how to overcome challenges along their way. You’re one of the very reasons why families stay strong and healthy.

top 5 cartoon dads I'm paying a late homage to Father's Day by listing here the top 5 animated dads of all time. Now, there were a lot of other contestants like Papa Smurf, Fred Flinstone and even Bible-thumping Ned Flanders who were considered but just didn't make the cut. But better to be on this boat than the other one – WORST DADS IN ALL OF HISTORY AND FILM! Sorry Jack Torrance, Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, Agamemnon, Victor Frankenstein and the Biblical Abraham … Read More

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Half Empty Half Full. I spent hours of thinking and figuring out the name of my blog. I visited blog name generators, read some suggestions on how to create a good name for my weblog but nothing seemed to interest me and I just ended up closing my web browser. Frustration and anxiety enveloped the entire place. Suddenly, my attention shifted to the glass of water in front of my desktop.

I then remembered my former fieldwork adviser back in college who told me about the half empty half full idiom – it’s a story of differing views, opposing ideals and and clashing beliefs. Others would never even say that the glass is neither half empty nor half full – they just say that the glass contains a certain amount of liquid and that makes them “realists.” Some people argue that a glass is always and will be full of something be it half liquid and half gas (oxygen or carbon dioxide), or all liquid or all gas. Nevertheless, there are indeed a lot of ways to interpret this idiom and a lot of arguments to be proven – and that led me to name my blog as such.

Half Empty Half Full. This blog will contain stories, articles, poems, and notes about human rights, sports, movies, TV, electronic gadgets and pets as these are things that are close to my heart. I may not be able to update this religiously but I will make time to write as often as I could.

Half Empty Half Full. Optimism or Pessimism? I’ve always believed to look at the brighter side of life and find kindness among others. But as our old folks say, with all their wisdom and experience, “Bata pa kayo!” “Pag tanda ninyo, magbabago rin ang mga pananaw ninyo!” And on this note, let me end this entry with a poll. 

P.S. I am still working my way around WordPress so please bear with me. 🙂

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